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We have created this website as a resource for moms and parents looking to send their son or daughter to Penn State University. Our website is packed with valuable, time saving information you can use to help your future or current student get the most out of their Penn State experience. This site is developed by current and former students alike, which gives us a unique angle and allows us to provide you with only the best and most relevant information.

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Let's face it, searching for information about colleges can be difficult and frustrating. Here at Penn State Moms, we sort through all of the fluff and provide you with the most relevant and up to date information about the entire Penn State experience! No extras here!

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Penn State Lion CashTo the left you will find several categories to choose from which you can use to navigate through all of the information this site has to offer. Important research into subjects such as student housing, student loans, LionCash+ and credit cards can help you and your student not only get ready for college, but be prepared for their entrance into the workforce.

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Penn State Moms MessageboardPenn State Moms also offers a free PSUMoms.com email account which you can sign up for to use and show your pride. We also have an amazing messageboard which is a great place to connect with other parents. You can sign up for free and get in on the fun today!

We encourage you to bookmark our site and come back as often as you like to check your email and keep current with campus activity. We are adding new articles and information daily, so the more you check back the more you will have access to. If theres something Penn State Studentyou'd like to know more about, just send us a message and we will see what we can do to add that information into the site. After all, we are here to serve you the Penn State Mom!

Ask a Penn State Student

Finally, Please try our brand new "Ask a Student" section where your questions will be answered as best they can by actual students attending the Penn State University Park campus! Please allow 48 hours for a response as our students are very busy studying and attending classes!

We appreciate any and all feedback, so feel free to contact us with any questions concerns or comments! Enjoy!