Penn State University Campus Food Services and Dining Halls

While attending the University Park Campus your student can pick from a huge array of available food plans. There are many dining halls and restaurants located on campus for them to enjoy and on this page we will go over some of the different options that exist at Penn State University Park.

Dining Halls Located in On-Campus Dorms

If you find yourself in need of something quick on the way to class there is a large fast food court located in the Hub-Robeson Center (known on campus as "the Hub"). It is normally busy but the lines move very quickly, we recommends this place for quick and easy access to a meal.

View all of the choices that are located in the hub here.

Penn State Dining Halls Food Services at Penn State Blue Chip Bistro

A popular drink on college campuses has always been and will likely always be coffee. Here are some links to the best coffee shops and deli/bistro establishments on campus! PSU Moms favorites!

Coffee Shops Located On Campus

A list of available operating hours can be found here for some of the coffee bars and cafe's run by the Java Catering Company. Coffee can also be found in the Student Residence areas sometimes at a coffee bar, or included in a dining hall priced meal.

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