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On campus student housing at University Park is unique in the fact that it includes both dorm style housing and apartment style housing. On this page you can view most of the options Penn State has to offer. We also have provided floor plans of the rooms located in the dorm buildings so you can make plans about what to bring and what to leave behind when you make the big move.

Next to each of the different buildings below is a link to the rates for Room and Board. To apply for any of the buildings you see below please visit the main Penn State University Student Housing page, which can be found here.

Enrollment at Univeristy park is approaching 43,000 students but there is only 13,500 dorm rooms available. For the remaining students the obvious choice is an off campus apartment. You're in luck because PSU Moms has an entire page devoted to State College apartments.

Dorm Style Buildings at Penn State University Park

Apartment Style Buildings at Penn State University Park

Penn State Housing Websites

What should I bring with me to my new Penn State dorm or apartment?

Below is a list of items that you should and should not bring to your new room at Penn State. One thing that will not be on either list but is a point of discussion with your student is the car. Honestly, it is a hassle to drive anywhere in State College and parking is very expensive. However, if you live off campus and parking is reasonably priced at your place of residence, you will want to have a car.

Bring these items

Don't bring these items

Please visit the Penn State Moms messageboard if you would like to hear more about student housing from other parents. It's a great place to address concerns or questions.

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