Penn State Class, Class Scheduling and Campus Resources

Penn StateThere are a lot of little pieces of information you should have while attending University Park... the bad news is it's hard to locate everything you need to know. We have gathered information from the school, students and other websites and present to you the most useful information on Penn State University Park.

Penn State's University Park Campus Map

Color Campus MapThe campus map is a must have for newcomers and veterans alike. There are so many buildings at University Park that it can be a little overwhelming at times. The best thing to do is a few days before classes start, find out where all of your classes are being held and setup a good route. Sometimes your classes can start 15-20 minutes after one another and you could have a 10-15 minute walk; so you will want to have the best path mapped out before hand.

Penn State's 2009 Academic Calendar

The academic calander will help you and your student plan important school dates and decisions, vacations, study days and even time for the family to visit! It is an extremely handy resource and should be checked often for updates.

Scheduling Classes at Penn StateScheduling Classes at Penn State

Finally we have included a page with a small tutorial on how to schedule classes. Sometimes it can get a little confusing but with our screen shots and step by step instructions it should be a breeze!

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