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Penn State Student Finances

Save money in collegeCollege is one of the most difficult times to save money for both students and parents, but the PSUMoms community is here to help. This section of our website is dedicated to managing your student's finances and helping them plan for college and future career. You can also find links and information about applying for student loans, grants and government assistance.

managing money at Penn State

Money management while attending Penn State University

Managing finances while attending college is going to be one of the most important things for you and your student to discuss. First and foremost the best tip that we can offer to you is to talk about finances with your son or daughter. From student loans and tuition, to buying fast food and groceries, the more they know the better. Find out what their plans are for when they move away and discuss the pros and cons of the habits they have at home. Sometimes students just aren't aware how things are going to change when they are responsible for their own bills and financial decisions. Simply talking to your student about what financial challenges they may face in the near future will do a lot good for both of you in the long run.

Important things to learn about student finances

View important tips about banking at State College and the basics your student needs to know before going off to school (don't worry, they are simple!). You can also view information about student loans, investments you and your student can make, and even some great gift ideas that will help your son or daughter save! Click the buttons below to get started!