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Penn State University Park Campus Maps

When you are a new student at Penn State University Park it can be overwhelming to find your way around the campus. Some of the buildings can be as much as a mile away at any given time, and your student's class schedule may leave no room for timing errors. These maps, some comfortable walking shoes, and a premium water bottle will help them find their way around with ease. Send your student these links and download a campus map for yourself.

Download Penn State Campus Map (PDF)

Color Campus Map

Color Penn State Campus Map

We have a color version and a black and white version of the Penn State University campus map available to view right here on our website. All you need to do is click on the link of whichever version you prefer.

Download Penn State Campus Map w/ Bus Routes (PDF)

Penn State Campus Map in Color

2019 Color Penn State Campus Map PDF

These maps are excellent resources to print and bring along when navigating between the campus buildings. Printing a full size and color copy and sending it to your student is a wonderful item to include in a care package

Download a Color PDF Map of the Penn State CampusYou can open PDF files with Adobe Reader. You probably already have this installed on your computer but just in case you don't you can download it for free here.