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The most useful items to have while walking to class at Penn State

It might seem strange, but planning your walk to class at Penn State University Park can prove very helpful. Some of the classroom buildings are right next door to each other, but others can be up to a mile away. Walking to class will require preparation as well as some key items that will be necessary to have with you at all times. Below are some of the most recommended items by PSUMoms members and staff

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1. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Not surprisingly walking shoes are by far and away the most recommended item for walking to class. It seems very logical, but also catches many students by surprise. Bring them along to change into if necessary, but don't wear flat soled sandals, high heels or dress shoes during a walk to class.

2. Apple AirPods

Along with the distance of the walk to class comes the time it can consume. Some students prefer to take the campus bus loop to reduce walking time while others use their walks as a pillar of their workout regimen. One of the best items to have in any scenario is a pair of Apple AirPods (or other earbud device). They are good for listening to music or podcasts to pass the time and even more clever we have heard from a few of our members that they use apps on their phones to listen to study material on the way to class.

3. Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

Everyone knows that college students live on caffeine and the only way to keep a cup of coffee warm during a long walk to class is an insulated mug. This particular mug comes highly recommended because it has an actual handle which makes it easier to both carry and to drink from. for those who like cold drinks no matter the weather there are also several popular travel water bottles including these Infuser Water Bottles

4. Mini Portable Rain Umbrella

Let's face it, it's going to rain. As a matter of fact State College gets an average of 41 inches of rain per year which is well above the national average. The issue is that umbrellas are generally large, cumbersome and difficult to carry around. That is where a great tip from one of our PSUMoms members comes in. Purchase one of these umbrellas that expands large enough to shield you from a downpour but also fits into a package the size of an eyeglass case when not in use.

5. Winter Hat & Insulated Winter Gloves w/ Touchscreen Capability

While we are on the topic of weather let's talk about the 45 inches of snow per year that State College also receives. This is almost double the national snowfall average. There may not be too much that can be done about the way campus will look at the time each student needs to walk to class, but some individual clothing preparation can be done. Make sure to have an adequate winter hat, jacket & gloves when the season calls for it. An excellent tip we have heard several times is to buy gloves with touch screen fingers. This will allow you to operate your phone while walking and still keep your hands completely warm and dry.

6. Thin Ankle Walking Weights

These may not be the most fashionable item on our top 10 list, but we decided to give them the sixth position because of all the tips we received related to turning a walk to class into a daily exercise routine. Once a walk to class becomes comfortable add on these ankle weights to make it more intense and increase your strength. Other options include wrist weights and for those who are truly dedicated a weighted walking vest.

7. Polarized Sunglasses

While walking to class there will be a lot of looking into the distance, looking up at buildings and looking around for traffic and other oncoming students. One of the most practical tips we have ever received is to have sunglasses on while walking to class. Someone even mentioned the fact that several buildings are made of glass and you have to walk directly toward them while they reflect the sun from behind you. Such a simple yet genius tip.

8. Spray on Sunscreen

Walking to class comes with the added bonus of being outside for a nice portion of the day, but that can also come with the potential for sunburn. Walking to class aside, Even if you just have fair skin and burn easily it's always a good idea to have sunscreen when the season calls for it. Get a continuous spray bottle since it can be applied within seconds on the way out the door to class and does not smear or stain.

9. Penn State Baseball Cap

A simple and inexpensive accessory for walking to class, a Penn State baseball cap is useful for multiple conditions. It helps protect eyes from the sun, hair from the rain and even works to absorb a small amount of forehead sweat for that walk that just breaks the sweat barrier. Most important of all it shows dedication and pride for the Nittany Lions all over campus.

10. Compact Under Desk Foot Massager

What better way to round out the top 10 items for walking to class with an item not used while walking to class? Those not used to walking long distances will undoubtedly have some soreness, aches and pains from the first couple of weeks of long walks. A great way to combat this is a compact(make sure it is small like the one linked above, space is a premium in the dorms!) under desk foot massager. Even just a couple of minutes a night can really make a difference for feet and shins.