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Parking Options at Penn State University Park and Downloadable PDF Parking Maps

Parking is very expensive in State College, and therefore you must make the decision of whether or not it makes financial sense for your student to bring a car to school. Here are some things to consider while discussing this with your student:

Parking in Penn State

Consider All Options Before Purchasing a Parking Spot

The previously stated options should be considered carefully and of course discussed with your son or daughter. Having a car at school is very convenient but lots of times not very practical. The University Park campus is large, but also very easy to navigate on foot or with a bicycle. Both of which are excellent alternatives to bringing your car. Furthermore, there is an excellent schedule of buses that can get you almost anywhere on campus in a hurry.

Parking can be found all over state college but it is most commonly purchased from the place in which you are living. When you rent a parking spot from your apartment building, it is often very convenient.

However, make sure that it is somewhere you feel safe leaving your car. We have heard from several of our members that parking spaces purchased far away from apartment buildings can not only be several blocks away, but in a back alley or in damp basements filled with dust and pollutants. If you are going to shell out the money to rent a parking space, make sure it is in a good location.

On Campus Parking at Penn State

Parking spaces can also be rented from several lots located on the University Park campus. They are typically outside and unprotected from the elements, but they are a great deal cheaper than private lots. The on campus spaces are given out on a first come fisrt serve basis, so make sure to act fast if you feel this is the option for you.

Public and Private Parking Space Options

Student Parking Map for Penn State University Park

Click on the image below to download a PDF map of allowed parking locations when you have a student parking permit (Right click and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As").

Student Parking at Penn State