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The Best Tailgating Gear for Penn State Football Games

Tailgating before a Penn State football game is a tradition as old as the team itself. It's a great time to eat, drink and meet new people who all love Penn State (and sometimes some who don't). Read the list below to find the top items you will need to bring to have the best tailgate in the row!

Some links on this site will take you to item pages on Amazon. Full disclosure: PSUMoms participates in the Amazon Associates program, and we’ll earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through the links on this page (at no extra cost to you). We’ve worked hard to research and recommend items that are both high-quality and inexpensive.

1. Weber "Go Anywhere" Charcoal Grill

If you don't have a charcoal grill, you don't have a tailgate! The weber go anywhere charcoal grill is the top rated and most affordable portable grill on the market and perfect for your party. Don't forget to also check out this customized set of Penn State Grilling Tools

2. Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

You will need a place to sit down and relax when all the cooking is done and the drinks are served. A zero gravity chair is the way to do it in style and surprisngly is very affordable. The Caravan Sports zero gravity chair is the top rated option with the ability to fully adjust and lock in any position you want. perfectly folds up for travel and storage as well.

3. Collapsible Table w/ Four Drink Holders

You've got your food, drinks and friends now you just need somewhere to eat. This collapsible table is the perfect tailgating item with plenty of space for four people to eat and hold drinks. It works similarly to the folding chairs you carry in a zip up bag and has an awesome Penn State logo on the top.

4. Portable & Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Any good tailgate will also include music, but it isn't easy or practical to crank up the stereo in your car and let it play all day. The best solution is to play music from your smartphone through a portable bluetooth speaker. Let me also stress the need for purchasing the waterproof option. There is a solid chance one of your tailgates will get rained on and you don't want to let that stop you.

5. Portable Cornhole Game Boards w/ Bean Bags

The classic tailgate game of cornhole is played with 2 boards faced opposite one another with a single hole at the top of an elevated surface. Opposing teams toss bean bags and try to land them in the hole. Points are scored for landing on the board or falling through the hole on the top of the game board. This version of the game is perfect because it is collapsible and perfect for travel.

6. Portable Beer Pong Table

Continuing with portable recommendations we have this absolutely epic foldable beer pong table. If you are not familiar with beer pong it is a very popular tailgating game where each team sets up 10 cups filled with about an ounce or so of beer at each end of the table. The objective is to toss a ping pong ball into your opponents cups after which they must drink the beer inside and remove it from the table. The team that loses all of their cups first is eliminated. This table folds up perfectly into a suitcase size with carry handle. Don't forget to buy extra ping pong balls

7. YETI Tundra 35 Beverage Cooler

Normally we stay away from recommending items that are super expensive. We definitely qualify this cooler as super expensive but incredibly worth the money. It holds 20-24 beer cans or bottles as well as the ice to keep them cool. Where this cooler really shines is the insulation technology keeps the contents ice cold (including the ice) for your entire tailgate. The cooler and working parts such as the latches are also incredibly durable making this a super buy for a long time to come.

8. Penn State Paper Party Supplies

If you are really looking to go all out with your Penn State themed tailgate party then you will need paper products. This set includes plastic cups, paper napkins and paper plates to serve 8 people. You can also consider a reusable chip and dip platter for everyone's favorite chips and salsa or buffalo chicken dip.

9. Portable AM/FM Radio

When it's time for the game to begin don't forget something for everyone to listen to the play by play. A small portable AM/FM radio is all you need to keep everyone up to date in real time. Televisions, while nice, are not practical and are very difficult to travel with so keep this radio in arms reach.

10. Penn State Umbrella & Ponchos

Nobody likes to think about it or talk about it, but if you tailgate during every game of the season there is a great chance you are going to get rained on. Instead of ignoring it you should definitely be prepared with no less than an umbrella (or two) and several ponchos for you and your guests. Once you've rainproofed yourselves it's time to get back to the party!