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Penn State Student Resources, Campus Maps & More

Penn State There is a vast amount of information your student will have available to them while attending Penn State University Park. The bad news is the information is hard to sort through and isn't always tailored for everyone's specific individual needs. Many things will be learned through experience, but to help supplement and inspire our members to help their students PSUMoms has gathered valuable information from the school, other students and popular websites.

Penn State's University Park Campus Map

Color Campus MapThe campus map is a must have for newcomers and veterans alike. There are so many buildings at University Park that it can be a little overwhelming at times. Our members recommend coming a few days before classes start so you can find out where all of your classes are being held. This way your student can plan a good walking route or compare bus schedules with class times. Sometimes classes can start 15 or 20 minutes after one another and your student could have a 10 to 15 minute walk. This makes planning your route ahead of time very valuable.

Penn State's 2020 Academic Calendar

The academic calander will help you and your student plan important school dates and decisions, vacations, study days and even time for the family to visit. It is an extremely handy resource and should be checked often for updates.

Valuable Top 10 Lists from PSUMoms Members

You will notice a lot of the new information for 2019 will be presented in top 5 and 10 lists. We have been able to gather information from our members, previous students and popular consensus. The resulting lists should reach a larger majority of students and help them be better prepared for their college journey ahead. Start by viewing our first list which outlines the best college dorm room essentials for freshman (and upper classmen) dorms and apartments.